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Free Legal Advice Ontario

Public fascination with crime and criminals is at an all time high. News stories abound and now TV shows and podcasts have joined in, often diving deeply into long forgotten crimes in an effort to expose the “truth” about what happened. True crime is entertaining, but it’s no fun if it happens to you. The truth is, no one wants or expects to be arrested or charged with a crime in Ontario. If it happens to you, choosing legal representation is the most important decision you will make. Whether you’ve watched Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” or listened the podcast “Serial”, you know that choosing the best lawyer can make the difference between achieving justice and going to jail. You may be wondering, “what are my options?” You may be thinking, “I can’t afford a lawyer”. The information you need will depend on the situation you are in.

If you are arrested, the police must give you the opportunity to phone a lawyer. Legal Aid provides duty counsel lawyers who can take your call. Alternatively, you can call the 24 hour Lockyer Posner Craig arrest line, at 4168472563, to receive free legal advice about your rights. Our lawyers are knowledgeable about all areas of criminal law and someone is always available to take your call.

If you have been charged with a crime but are not in custody, it is a good idea to find legal representation as soon as possible. You may want to contact the Law Society Referral Service
either online or by calling the LSRS phone number between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Alternatively, you can contact Lockyer Posner Craig by calling our legal line at 416-847-2560 or by using our online consultation request form 24 hours a day. We are happy to arrange free initial consultations so that you can discuss your case with a lawyer (caseworker) who will help you understand your options. We will also help you decide the best way to pay for legal representation. Lockyer Posner Craig accepts Legal Aid certificates and offers the option of flat-fee cases.

If you need help with a civil matter, Pro Bono Ontario has a free legal advice hotline. They cannot assist with criminal matters.
If you or a family member has been arrested or charged with a crime in Ontario it is important to find a good lawyer right away. Don’t wait until your case is the subject of a TV special.

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