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Social Response to our #MeToo Campaign

We have received hundreds of comments in response to Ms. Mamo’s article (see below). Lockyer Campbell Posner does not support or endorse any of these comments and has posted them for discussion purposes only.

Our official reply is as follows

Since the publication of Alexandra Mamo’s article, we have received a great deal of feedback, both positive and negative. The strongly held views on both sides of the debate deserve thoughtful and respectful consideration. Whichever side of the debate you stand on, let’s ensure that the rule of law is applied, the guilty are brought to justice and the innocent are exonerated. If you have been charged with a criminal offence, or require legal advice, whether as a charged person or a victim of crime, feel free to call our firm for assistance at (416) 847-2560.

The Social Comments


  • My bet is 99.9 % is total BS, Women accuse far to easlly. ANYTHING for attention…they seem to need their vanity stroked constantly, and need perpetual validation. Disgusting behaviour.
  • Women know they will be blamed and that’s a major reason most crimes arent reported. Getting the police to investigate is hard. And even if that happens very few men are convicted.
  • Ferguson and John M. Malouff conducted a meta-analysis of confirmed false rape reporting rates in the Archives of Sexual Behavior in 2016, and found that 5.2% of cases were confirmed false rape reports. As the study only looked at confirmed instances, the authors noted that the “total false reporting rate… would be greater than the 5% rate found here”.
  • It’s the crying wolf syndrome. So many false accusations by women have lead to real victims not being believed or at least being sceptical of the complaint. Making it easier to convict men of rape will only lead to more innocent men being convicted. A false accusation in and of itself in a lot of cases, especially those involving high profile men will ruin their lives even if they are innocent. Yet society takes few measures to punish women that are found to make false accusations. And yes there is the argument that fewer women will report rapes if false accusations are punished because they fear that their accusation will be taken as false for whatever reason. Some where there must be a fair and equitable ground to base the treatment of this crime where punishment is given to the perpetrator and support for the victim and we just haven’t found it yet.
  • Women CRY rape and whatever else they can SCREAM about at every turn. they have the entitled mentality….
  • Women dont cry false rape. Horrible terrible myth.
  • No my dear NOT nonsense it seems to be a game some women play, and the COST is devastating. the behaviour from these women is unconscionable. They violate basic common decency. Excerpt: “Archives of Sexual Behavior (2016)
  • i’ve heard a policeman, with a straight face, claim a woman will cry rape as a way to make an excuse for being late getting home to her boyfriend. Oh sure a woman is gonna think her boyfriend will say “oh that’s fine then”. Fact is women know the…See more
  • Nothing but nothing would surprise me as to what women will do to exact revenge on a man women who are bankrupt of morals/integrity lots of that going on today.. Matter of fact I was just in the throws of showing support to Steven Galloway…See more
  • NATIONALPOST.COM  – Steven Galloway in his own words: I’m not a monster. I…
  • Just be happy you have never been violated. Obviously you have no friends that have been violated and you live in a bubble. Most women don’t bother reporting because it’s bullshit. No one helps you heal from the trauma.
  • Considering how few men are convicted I have to doubt that there’s any unfairness to men.
  • How did you get the statistics?
  • Its a well known fact. Has been reported in the news.
  • That doesnt make sense. Just because there are few men that are convicted, even if one of them is wrongly convicted, it is already unfair. What kind of logic is that? Why don’t we make it legal to break and enter people’s houses? Considering how few of those happen I doubt there will be any issue. 🤔
  • Huh? No one is suggesting sexual assault should be made legal.
  • Just because it’s “reported in the news” doesn’t make it well known or a fact. Do your own due diligence and go do some actual research.
  • It is a fact. Very few men are convicted.
  • And nope I see no need to become a criminologist. It IS well known that very few men are convicted. Makes me wonder why you want to dispute that.
  • We don’t have to wonder why you say “Makes me wonder why you want to dispute that.” To use your fellow identitarians language, what you are inferring here against Iain is a “dogwhistle” for an ideologue operating on emotion and in-group bias The substance of your argument can be summed up as such: TENOR
  • You have got a pretty big mouth, but prove it with FACTS Jian Ghomeshi perfect example of wrong accusations. those women were emailing him with some pretty suggestive comments. NOT to mention photographs of themselves that were pretty darned telling When he responds in kind they call it sexual assault.. Play with the bull you get the horn.. FALSE accusations. And Ghomeshi is not someone I like or respect. but my respect for those women in this case is less.Their credibility went out the window and all their very own doing.
  • Ghomeshi is a great example of how men can get away with things and of how women can be their own worst enemies.
  • Diana Morgan don’t these statistics prove that two fifths of the reports to police are phony since no person is identified as doing anything wrong. Remember the police must take the complaint and even if Justin Trudeau and Minister Hajdu (former Minister of the Status of Women) say there’s two sides to every story the police must believe the woman without investigating. Sadly Trump did not invent ignoring truth feminists did. I’m sure as a woman and a feminist you will believe what feminism tells you even Trudeau and Hajdu say different. For me this is boring. I’m out of this “discussion” .
  • Well i sincerely hope your daughter wife or mother – sorry but it does happen lots to elderly women even though few charges are ever laid in their cases – doesnt get raped. Because you wont believe her.
  • No…. what this is a a PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WOMEN BEHAVING LIKE TRAMPS, and expect to be treated like ladies. when in fact they (themselves) ARE the abusers…They have encouraged Ghomeshi to respond sexually 1000 %. They are the offenders and should have been charged with false accusations, DUE to their own disgusting behaviour…Since when is it okay for a woman to tell a man they WANT to have sex with him and then have him charged for complying with their wishes. THOSE women were most definitely at fault, and double shame on them for encouraging/demanding sex from a man, ANY man.
  • They were foolish. They did the things women are taught to do
  • Indeed your venom is a perfect example of why many women dont report rape.
  • That is why we need a men’s rights movement.
  • Men already have rights. Lots of them.
  • What rights do we have that a women does not have? When a judge shouts at a father that he has no right only responsibilities that worries me.
  • No matter how they change the laws the victims always pay the price!
  • You mean like women who falsely accuse a man, and hope for a conviction.??? The women who have iron clad rape charges leveled often don’t get justice..WHY??? Ask all the women who have been PROVEN to have falsely accused a man of rape/ sexual assault make all women look like liars. Why women with 100 % case for rape, go without justice. don’t blame men, blame women.
  • How many of these does it take to appease mentally deranged women?
  • USATODAY.COM – Man convicted of rape is freed after sister-in-law finds…
  • What happens after someone wrongly convicted is set free?
  • Far too many stories like this, false accusations by deranged women…/Cassandra-Kennedy-Father...
  • Father freed after a decade in jail as daughter admits she…
  • Poulsen #Metoo is a witch hunt.
  • theres no need for a fair trial now that society has found social justice
  • You mean socialism!
  • Two entirely different things. I think you mean communism. Socialism is not communism.
  • Socialism is the first step toward communism.
  • Does anyone want to know which group is hurt most by a false report of a sexual assault?
  • Think about it. If it is proven false, the accused suffers for a few months.
  • Every subsequent case of actual, real rape, in that jurisdiction is going to have prosecutors and the press and everyone else doubting the woman.
  • So who is hurt worst by the 2% of false accusations? Why women, of course.
  • the real victims are the ones that are hurt most by the lying b******
  • Who the hell are they kidding the accuse abused his right to any trial when he commited sexual assult where are the victims fair trial or does it matter the victims rights should come first the accused let him rot in hell
  • did you know how hard it is for the victim to stand up there and say what happened and have to relive every detail of what a man did to her it’s a nightmare relived over and over and over again
  • Ridiculous. Like 3% make it to court and (approx.)1% conviction rates—and you want even more perps to go free? wtf
  • When the courts give into all these protest groups and deny fair trials we are doomed to be no better than Iran or any other country were freedom of speech, the right to a fair trials are denied. WE have already lost our freedom of speech in Canada!
  • And Justin Trudeau is exempt from any sexual assault laws and will never be sanctioned for any acts which could contravene the4se laws, only everyone else is subject to them.
  • Anyone accused of any crime should get a fair trial! But never forget the victims!
  • Anyone remember when hashtag meant pound. Ok so hashtag me too means pound me too. Great message. Millenidiots
  • Pound me too?
  • You guys are sadly misinformed because they get more of a fair trial than the victim
  • Have they charged a white guy yet??
  • I was gang sexually assaulted in high school and the vice principal said if I called police I would be expelled that was 1980. 1990 I was raped at gunpoint I never called police but I got out of there with help calling a friend. In 2009 I woke up to 2 guys in my apt and 1 of them knocked me out I woke up on my bed spread eagle with my clothes on inside out backwards. Some money and medication was stolen. When I called police they came and said there was nothing they could do. Those 2 men had come back again and again and eventually killed my Jack Russell Terrier and bragged about in the neighborhood I heard them when they saw me with my other 2 Jacks bragging how tough the dog fought. Those men put me through hell. I have no sympathy for them.
  • Really how many rapists get away with it you know how hard it is to prove in court these bastards have too much rights
  • There’s pervert’s in all races “
  • Cassandra MacDonald no most of the guilty go free only 1% go to jail
  • That is why we need a men’s rights movement.
  • Men already have rights. Lots of them.
  • What rights do we have that a women does not have? When a judge shouts at a father that he has no right only responsibilities that worries me.
  • Gisele Lamarche Statistics have been consistent in reporting that men commit more criminal acts than women. Self-reported delinquent acts are also higher for men than women across many different actions. Burton, et al. (1998) found that low levels of self control are associated with criminal activity. Many professionals have offered explanations for this sex difference. Some differing explanations include men’s evolutionary tendency toward risk and violent behavior, sex differences in activity, social support, and gender inequality.
  • According to the 2015 International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, sex differences in aggression is one of the most robust and oldest findings in psychology. Past meta-analyses in the encyclopedia found males regardless of age engaged in more physical and verbal aggression while small effect for females engaging in more indirect aggression such as rumor spreading or gossiping. It also found males tend to engage in more unprovoked aggression at higher frequency than females. This replicated another 2007 meta-analysis of 148 studies in the journal Child Development which found greater male aggression in childhood and adolescence. This analysis also conforms with the Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology which reviewed past analysis and found greater male use in verbal and physical aggression with the difference being greater in the physical type. A meta-analysis of 122 studies published in the journal of Aggressive Behavior found males are more likely to cyberbully than females. Difference also showed that females reported more cyberbullying behavior during mid-adolescence while males showed more cyberbullying behavior at late adolescence.
  • Common sense for the most part
  • no most of the guilty go free only 1% go to jail
  • No right what so ever render lashes and ryb him down in salt brine even that is not enough punishment for rapist the same should be rendered for gropers as they are evil minded perverts
  • A large percentage of #metoo is incidents that were merely uncomfortable and not rape or assault. Feminists changed the definition and things that were once accepted aren’t now.
  • Maybe (just maybe) the popularity of the #metoo movement will diminish when men stop sexual assaulting women. Just a thought. (And this whole post is gross)
  • “Nearly all (98%) persons charged by police with sexual assault were male. The median age of persons charged was 33, with over one in five (22%) aged between 25 and 34 years old, 18% between 18 and 24 years old, and 14% aged younger than 18 years old. “
  • I too am concerned about MeToo. I’m a real life victim of many a horror, and I’ve found that it minimizing rape and sexual assault, vs unwanted behaviour. It isn’t all on the same scale. I’m also the mother of three boys, and am concerned that they will growing up in an era that puts their sexuality on trial, as they try to navigate the fact that our society sells porn, and women as a commodity. However, the fact that this has popped up three times as a sponsored post leads me to think that you have too much time and money. Men are not the victims in the court process, and I can’t believe that you want to make that the issue.
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