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Criminal Trials

LPC lawyers have unparalleled experience in the defence of criminal charges at the Ontario Court and Superior Court of Justice in Ontario. We represent clients on all criminal charges throughout Ontario, especially in Toronto, Brampton, Newmarket, Oshawa and London. Most often, these charges include domestic assault, operating a vehicle while impaired or ‘over 80′, white collar fraud, proceeds of crime and tax evasion prosecutions, murder and manslaughter, unlawful possession and trafficking in controlled substances, firearms and sexual offences. Many features of our firm distinguish us from our peers. But LPC’s most prominent distinction is its record of success. It is a rare day indeed that our firm does not secure at least one acquittal or the withdrawal of a criminal charge somewhere in Ontario.

There are many reasons for this. LPC lawyers prepare for each case exhaustively and work together as a team. We meet regularly and consult with one another on difficult tactical and legal issues that confront our clients. The partners and associates of LPC have a rich understanding of the law and, for this reason, are held in high regard by judges and prosecutors.

LPC lawyers also have an exceptional network of forensic expert witnesses, in psychiatry, pathology, toxicology, biology, accounting and other areas of expertise to challenge the prosecution. But it is our very real passion for justice and for the rights and freedoms of our clients that drives us to victory time and again.

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