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Appellate Advocacy

LPC is renowned for its expertise in appellate advocacy, most notably at the Court of Appeal for Ontario and the Supreme Court of Canada. Our firm has conducted literally hundreds of criminal appeals, likely more than any other in Canada, and our achievements in this sphere of practice are unparalleled. We have played a transformative role in Canadian criminal law through the advancement of novel factual and legal issues, and along the way, have secured the exoneration of many Canadian men and women wrongly convicted of crimes.

LPC approaches each and every appeal with microscopic scrutiny of the proceedings that unfolded at the trial below with a view toward exposing possible miscarriages of justice. We advance the interests of our clients on appeal in many different ways. A few examples include establishing that the trial judge made a significant error by admitting or refusing to admit evidence, improperly instructing the jury on a point of law, failing to permit cross-examination of a witness on an important issue, demonstrating bias against the person charged, or imposing a sentence that was unreasonable. In some cases, evidence of innocence not presented at trial comes to light after a conviction and we are able to gather it for presentation to the court of appeal. Our long list of appellate cases, many of which have resulted in fundamental changes to the law, are reported in legal journals and are frequently cited by judges throughout Canada. LPC’s vast experience, encyclopedic knowledge of the law and passion for justice make us Canada’s leading criminal appellate firm.

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