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LPC is renowned for its expertise in appellate advocacy, most notably at the Court of Appeal for Ontario and the Supreme Court of Canada. Our firm has conducted literally hundreds of criminal appeals, likely more than any other in Canada, and our achievements in this sphere of practice are unparalleled [Read More]


LPC lawyers have unparalleled experience in the defence of criminal charges at the Ontario Court and Superior Court of Justice in Ontario. We represent clients on all criminal charges throughout Ontario, especially in Toronto, Brampton, Newmarket, Oshawa and London. Most often, these charges include domestic assault, operating a vehicle while impaired or ‘over 80′, white collar fraud, proceeds of crime and tax evasion prosecutions, murder and manslaughter, unlawful possession and trafficking in controlled substances, firearms and sexual offences [Read More]


The most important decision for any person facing a DUI or drinking and driving charge is to hire the right law firm. This decision should never be delayed: The sooner you hire the right firm, the odds of winning your case increase.
Winning your drinking and driving case means:
Keeping your driver’s license; Avoiding a criminal record; Protecting against devastating automobile insurance costs; Preventing problems crossing the U.S. border; Preserving your reputation in the community [Read More]


The principles and procedures of administrative and public law that govern proceedings before tribunals in Ontario draw significantly from Canadian criminal law. Also, as in criminal law, stellar oral and written advocacy (an LPC hallmark) is the key to success in the administrative law context. Unlike most of the lawyers who practice at large Bay Street firms and take on administrative law cases, LPC lawyers have a vast amount of trial and appellate experience. We appear before judges and juries daily [Read More]


The justice system makes mistakes. They may result from inadequate investigations, flawed forensic evidence, lying or mistaken witnesses, prosecutorial tunnel vision, or simple human error. Whatever its cause, the consequences of a wrongful conviction are inevitably devastatin. Lives are destroyed and reputations are ruined. Canadian criminal law provides an appellate process that allows some miscarriages of justice to be identified and corrected. But the appellate process comes to an end and history shows that injustices sometimes continue. Lockyer Posner Craig occupies a unique position in securing justice for the wrongly convicted in Canada [Read More]


Choosing the right lawyer to handle your sexual assault case is the most important decision you will make when you are facing charges. It can mean the difference between winning and losing, between a criminal record and no record, and between a jail sentence and walking away free. The consequences of being convicted of sexual assault are serious. No one wants to end up on the sex offender’s registry, and have their reputation in the community ruined. Let’s meet to discuss your options today. Put your trust in LPC’s team of highly skilled and experienced Sexual Assault lawyers. [Read More]

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