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Gabriel Gross-Stein graduated from the University of King’s College with an honours degree in Classics in 2008. He completed his Juris Doctor at Osgoode Hall Law School in 2012 and was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2013.

At Osgoode Hall, Gabriel developed an intense focus on criminal law. He was a member of the Innocence Project, which seeks to exonerate those who have been wrongfully convicted. He also wrote about and researched constitutional and criminal issues for various professors as a research assistant. As a member of the 2011 Wilson Cup Moot team, he won an award for best overall factum.

After graduating, Gabriel articled with Lockyer Campbell Posner and joined the firm as an associate. While articling, he assisted on both trials and appeals with all of the senior partners of the firm at every level of court, including the Supreme Court.

Having been mentored by senior counsel at Lockyer Campbell Posner, Gabriel, as an associate, seeks to uphold Lockyer Campbell Posner’s reputation for excellence. He has extensive experience conducting trials in both the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice, throughout Southern Ontario. Gabriel will do everything in his power to secure an acquittal for his client – his extensive preparation, research and strong advocacy will get you the result that you want.


Gabriel has a strong record of success when contesting matters in court and is fiercely dedicated to achieving the best results. He has successfully defended clients charged with both Criminal Code and Controlled Drugs and Substances Act offences. He also regularly obtains withdrawals for his clients. Gabriel regularly appears at all levels of Court in Ontario, from the Ontario Court of Justice to the Ontario Court of Appeal. He secures excellent results for his clients.


J.D., Osgoode Hall Law School, 2012
B.A., Honours in Classics, University of King’s College, 2008

Call To The Bar

Ontario 2013

Professional Memberships

Criminal Lawyers Association
Toronto Lawyers Association

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  •  Notable Cases
    • R. v. Powell
      Mr. Gross-Stein’s client was acquitted by a Jury in the Brampton Superior Court of importing 3 kilograms of cocaine into Canada.

      R. v. Robinson
      Mr. Gross-Stein’s client was acquitted of conspiracy to traffic in guns despite having admitted, in text messages, that he wanted to sell the weapons.

      R. v. McManus
      A new trial was ordered by the Ontario Court of Appeal after Mr. Gross-Stein successfully argued the client’s original trial was not fair, and that police evidence was biased.

      R. v. P.B.
      Mr. Gross-Stein successfully applied for disclosure of the complainant’s therapeutic records, after which the Crown withdrew the charges against his client.

      R. v. Grant
      Mr. Gross-Stein’s client sentence was reduced by 3 years following a successful appeal of his sentence.

      R. v. D.D.
      Mr. Gross-Stein secured an acquittal of a minor on charges of possession of a firearm after extensive cross-examination of the Crown’s firearms expert from the Centre of Forensic Sciences. The trial judge found that the expert’s conclusions were not sufficiently reliable and acquitted the accused.

      R. v. Cain
      Following a lengthy Superior Court trial Mr. Gross-Stein’s client was acquitted of robbery with a firearm. A lengthy and effective cross-examination of the complainant resulted in a finding that she was not a credible witness.

      R. v. M.D.
      Mr. Gross-Stein’s client was acquitted of sexual assault and sexual interference after a Superior Court trial. After cross-examination, the complainant’s evidence was found to be insufficiently reliable.

      United States v. Amadi
      Mr. Campbell and Mr. Gross-Stein successfully argued for the release of disclosure critical to their client’s case when the Crown was refusing to provide it.

      R. v. Purewal
      Mr. Posner and Mr. Gross-Stein successfully appealed the accused’s conviction for impaired driving. After the successful appeal, the charges against the accused were withdrawn.

      R. v. Papasotiriou
      Mr. Lockyer, assisted by Mr. Gross-Stein, successfully argued that the accused should not be committed to stand trial for first degree murder. The Toronto Star reported on that case here.