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Is Driving Under the Influence Really a Criminal Offence?

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can result in serious consequences, regardless of whether someone receives the penalty of a fine or imprisonment in jail. Section 253 of the Criminal Code makes it an offence to drive while impaired by alcohol or a drug, and also makes it an offence to drive with […]

The Importance of Hiring the Best Robbery Criminal Lawyer in the GTA

Last Week police arrested two men after a series of armed robberies in Toronto and Brampton this summer. Multiple retail and financial businesses were robbed at gunpoint, and one of them, according to police sources, occurred on TTC property. The weapon, a replica gun, as well as masks were recovered by police during the investigation. […]

Fraud or Theft Charges? Call for a Free Consultation

Fraud charges vary greatly and can include asset misappropriation, insurance or medical billing fraud, and bank fraud. With the rise of online shopping, a common fraud offence is using a stolen or fake credit card to buy something online. In such cases, fraud is often laid together with theft charges. Section 380(1) of the Criminal Code […]

What to do if the police are looking for you?

Q: What to do if the police are looking for you: With Reasonable Doubt A: As a criminal defence lawyer, I am often contacted by people before they have been arrested with a criminal offence. The events that occur between the time when an offence is alleged to have occurred and an accused person appearing before […]

Social Response to our #MeToo Campaign

We have received hundreds of comments in response to Ms. Mamo’s article (see below). Lockyer Posner Craig does not support or endorse any of these comments and has posted them for discussion purposes only. Our official reply is as follows Since the publication of Alexandra Mamo’s article, we have received a great deal of feedback, […]

Drug Charges and Drug Trafficking Charges

The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) sets out which drugs are illegal in Canada (marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc.). There are four main offences in the CDSA: possession, possession for the purpose, trafficking, and importing. A possession charge means you are found with drugs in an amount for personal use. If it is your first […]

New Laws to Target High Drivers

It is common knowledge that driving drunk can lead to criminal charges. But what if you are driving high? Currently, under section 253 of the Criminal Code, it is an offence to drive “impaired” and it is an offence to drive with a blood alcohol level of over 80 milligrams per 100 mL of blood […]


by Brian Eberdt Last month, the federal government announced Bill C-75, which is legislation that would change many sections of the Criminal Code. They would change how juries are selected, how bail hearings are conducted, sentencing, and the availability of preliminary inquiries. The reaction to Bill C-75 has been significant and mixed. The reaction from […]


by Catriona Verner On January 4, 2005 Sonia Gaudet was strangled and her body was set on fire in her own apartment. Michael Kassa, a platonic friend of Sonia’s, was charged with her murder a year and a half after the offence and, based on what has since been shown to be flimsy evidence, he […]


by Alexandra Mamo In anticipation of the upcoming legalization of marihuana, the government is ensuring that police officers become more skilled in identifying drivers who are impaired by drugs on Ontario’s highways. The law currently allows police officers to go through three steps to determine if someone is driving while impaired.

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